John Goblikon's Guide to Living Your Best Life Signed Limited Edition Vinyl Audiobook Bundle [Signed]

John Goblikon

This is for the signed limited edition VINYL AUDIOBOOK BUNDLE of
John Goblikon's Guide to Living Your Best Life,
including one signed hardcover +
one signed limited edition vinyl audiobook
To order an INDIVIDUAL signed hardcover,
please order here.
Signed vinyl orders will immediately
Signed books are currently shipping
approximately a month earlier than trade availability in stores,
but subject to change.

In a world filled with trolls, we all need to live life more like a goblin. What does it mean to “live life like a goblin”? It means to give no fucks, but also all the fucks in the world at the same time. It means to be constantly anxiety ridden while also eternally optimistic. A goblin’s heart, specifically John Goblikon’s, is filled with love, joy, angst, constant quandary, Chili’s Southwestern Egg rolls, metal, and empathy. Through the goblin eyes of being an internet-celebrity–insurance-salesman–rock and roll-mascot for the Goblin Metal outfit NEKROGOBLIKON, we learn about LIFE, DEATH, BUSINESS, FOOD, MUSIC, TRAVEL, CULTURE, DATING, SCHOOL, DRINKING, COMPASSION and much more!

John walks readers through crucial life steps, from becoming internet famous, to getting dates with special someones, to even correct ordering techniques for the perfect meal at Chili’s.

Have a problem? John Goblikon assumes he knows how to help you solve it…all in this new, for-sure-to-be-a-New-York-Times-bestseller-and-win-like-a-hundred-awards debut book:John Goblikon’s Guide to Living Your Best Life.

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