Mulgara: The Necromancer's Will

David Rose

 The city of Nilghorde is home to a sweltering underworld. One of its most notorious celebrities; the necromancer and Lord of the House of Ordrid, Maecidion, has just died. When coveted heirlooms are bequeathed to his family's black-magic enemies, it ignites shock in many and outrage in Irion, the grand-nephew and a potent necromancer himself. Without regard for consequence, Irion wages a bitter war to retrieve what should rightfully be his.

The first book in a new dark fantasy duology, Mulgara plays host to a fascinating ensemble of characters, including a runaway turned grave-robber, a burglar posing as a butler in a peculiar mansion, and a bubbly prostitute with dark secrets of her own.

Tinged with traces of horror and humor, erotica and satire, this tale will have readers begging for more.


Category: Fantasy, Fiction, horror

Type: Paperback