No Joy: A Recon Marine's Tales of (Self) Destruction

David Rose

Picked up by a larger publisher: as a consequence; the retitled, second, and final edition of the cult hit, Spent Shell Casings.

Joining the Marines in 2002, David Rose signed up to go fight ... and to go die. On this grim path, rather than finding a violent death, he would find family, purpose, and a brotherhood amid the misfit world of the war fighter.

With a time frame centered on the 2004 battle of Fallujah, No Joy sees David recounting madcap tales of Muay Thai bouts in seedy garages, a bizarre stint as a street cop, being on the other side of the badge, becoming a veteran of the psych ward, and more. It's an irreverently told story that doesn't just tell one man's tale, but speaks to the necessary question: What really draws modern young men to war?

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Category: Autobiography, Essays, Memoir, Politics

Type: Paperback

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